Greetings from Vini at V’s Art Atelier!

Our story started in 2018 with me – an art hobbyist. Today, I’m proud to say that we are a group of incredibly talented enterprising women, crafters, and artisans from all over India. I worked for about 18 years as a Child Development professional from home while raising my two beautiful kids and taking care of our home. 

As they say, life begins at 40. I decided to follow my childhood passion as a crafter in 2018. I successfully made many children, women, schools, corporates (and even the Indian army!) happy by teaching and selling my crafts. My most significant achievement was their smile and joy of making beautiful things.

My handcrafted items embellished many homes worldwide, and people loved the connections to Indian folk and contemporary arts. As I received generous appreciation of the uniqueness and quality I could provide, my confidence and drive to do more shot up tenfold. I built many strong relationships along the way with other artists and crafters. I learned new skills and got selected as a design team member of Itsy Bitsy, the biggest chain of craft stores in India. 

As of 2021, we decided to reach out to a broader audience with unique handmade items through this website. We aim to provide pocket-friendly Indian traditional and contemporary art that serves as pieces of art and is valuable and unique. Most of the items are handmade by our group and me. Some of us are located in rural India and known for traditional Indian folk art forms such as Madhubani, Gond, Patua, Pattachitra, or experts in crafting utility items with terracotta, jute, and grass!


We create customized embroidered wall art, decoupaged products, mosaics, and much more. With functional products such as jewelry boxes, trays, lamps, and bookends, we create ways of incorporating artworks into your daily life. A majority of our products range from INR 150 – INR 3000 with worldwide free shipping! 

Even though our favorite crafts and mediums are very different, our group is driven by the common goal – of building a sustainable community, increasing livelihoods, and spreading joy through creatively making perfectly handmade stuff for your happiness. Our passion drives our work to empower each other and grow. 

We are open to suggestions and collaborations. We provide customization and offer bulk pricing.


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